Happies - mobile app for development of orofacial motricity.

More fun

The app works like a mirror, the child can see at the same time the animation and the movements that he is doing with his cheeks, lips or tongue.

Several Children

You can register as many children as you want and later you can edit or delete each child information.

More than 30 animations

Happies has more than 30 animations to support children in the development of motricity of cheeks, lips and tongue.

Evaluate or Record each exercise

Happies allows parents and speech therapists to assess children’s performance in each exercise through a star-scoring system. The recording of the child is also possible, for monitoring his evolution or for further analysis by a Speech Therapist.

Check the evolution

Happies have a results area where you can assess each child performance. You can review recorded videos and check his rates with the star-scoring system.


Happies is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Available on Android and iOS